Indianapolis Business Lawyers

R. Lee & Associates, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to providing personalized legal counsel for businesses, families and individuals.

Since our founding, we have developed solid, long term relationships with our clients inspired by trust and confidence. We are committed to truly understanding your distinct characteristics, goals and objectives, and tailoring our services to you.

With a unique approach, our philosophy is to take a longer view of issues and develop creative solutions to ultimately provide you the peace of mind from having a proper plan in place and having a trusted legal advisor on your side. Further, we strongly believe in working closely with your other advisors in a team approach where each professional can bring their own expertise in a complimentary manner. Finally, we candidly discuss our fees and billing structure with you so you are well-informed and there is a clear understanding of mutual expectations.

With respect to our specific practice areas, in our Business Law practice we are experienced in representing business owners throughout the life-cycle of their business, including the start-up or acquisition stage, entity formation, contract review and negotiation, real estate leases and purchases, employee and independent contractor matters, ownership structure and agreements, and business succession and transition planning. Our innovative Annual Compliance Program ensures that all internal and external tasks are completed to properly maintain the benefits of your entity. Our Indianapolis business attorneys regularly represent Dental Professionals on these business law matters and often serve as an essential advisor with a keen understanding of the unique industry issues faced by such professionals. In our Estate and Trust Planning practice, we provide comprehensive advice to develop individualized plans that achieve financial protection and security for you and your family. Finally, in our Estate and Trust Administration practice, we guide personal representatives and trustees through the administration process with diligence and compassion to achieve prompt settlements and to preserve family harmony.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.